Touch-MeL is an icon on tables all over Europe and a real reference point on the tableware market with its top-quality melamine proposal and a program in continuous evolution, characterized by textures of definite impact and bright colours that well describe a very easy-to-use and clean material. 

Touch-Mel indicates the new way. From January 2016 a virtuous reconsideration is taking place in the tableware world. Melamine reintroduces itself in its purest and sustainable composition and dresses up - through the rainbow of colors - with the most beautiful and joyful texture. Touch-MeL proposes the history of decorations in an influential way, accompanying the evolution of styles and indicates, in its continuously evolving path, the modern set table. And it makes rediscover the joy of serving the food to the fellow diners.

All products of "Touch-Mel" are made of high quality melamine, which respects the Community and national regulations in the field of health and safety standards.


European Commission Regulation No. 10/2011 and Regulation 1935/2004 on overall migration.

European Commission Regulation No. 10/2011 Annex I and Regulation 1935/2004 on specific migration of Formaldehyde. European Commission Regulation No. 284/2011 on specific migration of Formaldehyde.

Italian Ministerial Decree 21/3/1973 Title II, Heading I – articles made of plastic on dye migration.


100% Melamine - Contact food safe - Maximum hygiene Easy to use and to clean - High impact resistance Thermal shock resistance


No microonde - No forno
Sconsigliato utilizzo di lame seghettate e tagliapizza


Lavabile in lavastoviglie preferibilmente nel cestello superiore Non utilizzare pagliette metalliche - Non utilizza spugne abrasive Non utilizzare spazzole lavapiatti industriali

Terrae (52)

Tasmania (6)

York (18)

Rabat (12)

London (12)

Madrid (12)

Santorini (17)

Mono (52)

Natural (5)

Vendome (10)

Amalfi (7)

Cordoba (11)

Taormina (10)

Ocean (6)

Mascate (3)

Havana Blu (8)

Carrara (5)

Sherwood (4)

Indian (1)

Fendo (1)

Delhi (1)

Christmas (11)

Flatware (13)

Jumbo Mug (8)