Emporio Zani 


Founded in Lumezzane (Brescia, Italy) in 1963, the Zani Serafino company has been able to treasure a centuries-old know-how, rules passed on from generation to generation, together with great attention to detail, finish and materials. The Zani family still continues to lead and manage the company today, developing projects and manufacturing products that combine traditional craftsmanship with an original and innovative industrial vision.

EMPORIO ZANI is the new brand that develops and runs in parallel with that of the parent company, Serafino Zani, expanding its areas of interest. The Emporio Zani challenge is a very important one: to satisfy the very latest demands of the market, to respond to recent socio- economic changes and to open new distribution channels to complement Serafino Zani’s qualified retail outlets. A challenge that this new brand faces as an autonomous entity, independent of the Serafino Zani brand. This involves exploring new materials, other than steel: wood, pigmented plastic, fabric, coloured glass, crystal, porcelain…

Democratic, affordable design is the key to the entire Emporio Zani plan, which want be available in different materials and meet the most current requirements, also in terms of eco-sustainability and total recycling. All this results in original products and projects, capable of anticipating new trends, while guaranteeing a retail price point that will attract an ever wider public, yet still ensuring an attractive mark-up for the vendor.


With over 60 years in the business, then we constantly look out for and study new trends in design, and so assess new products and consider new proposals every day. The best products are those with convincing quality, uniqueness and excellence, and these quickly become part of how we cook and eat at the table. Products that we then propose in person, taking great pains over their domestic and international distribution.