EcoGrill is the easiest solution for cooking on an open fire. Made from alder wood of the highest quality and alder coal from sustainable sources, EcoGrill is completely natural and chemical-free.
EcoGrill uses an environmentally friendly combustion element which permits easy fire ignition, with only one simple operation. Its unique design, with two international patents, makes it possible to light the fire quickly and above all without the use of chemicals, the smell of which could alter the taste of food. The use of only selected natural products gives your barbecue all the flavour of grilled cooking, while making it easy and possible wherever you want.

is practical to use and transport
ignites quickly and easily
is immediately ready for use
uses only high quality natural wood and charcoal
alder wood gives fragrance and aroma to food
ensures a long combustion time and strong heat
burns completely
the shape is designed to adapt to standard grilles
can be used as a grille support itself
the flat surface acts as a support for pots, teapots, etc.

Hand-assembled, EcoGrill is made of responsible forest management trees and, for each item sold, €0.10 is allocated to nature for the creation of new wooded areas.

People everywhere in the world love grilling. There are those who use health-risk methods: large quantities of inflammatory fluids, chemicals, poor quality charcoal, and wood treated for other purposes; then there are those who use gas stoves (healthier but not without risks) to the detriment of the result in terms of cooking and flavour.
EcoGrill is the practical solution to all these problems, allowing you to always have a fire ready to give life to an exceptional barbecue, with that extra touch of flavour given by the alder wood from northern Europe.
Totally free of chemical additives, EcoGrill burns completely and the ash resulting from its combustion can be used as an excellent fertilizer for plants in your garden.
Distributed exclusively in Italy by Emporio Zani, EcoGrill is available in three different formats to meet different space and durability requirements.

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